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Tsunayoshi Sawada
Known as Loser Tsuna, he is being trained to become Vongola X, the tenth generation boss and reliable man under the tutelage of Reborn who brings out his potential power. He values friendship and has a gentle personality and a broad mind accepting former enemies as partners. That's why he's getting more and more friends.
Hayato Gokudera
Gokudera is Tsuna's classmate who came from Italy. He worships Tsuna as Boss after being saved by him. His silver hair and hot temper make him look like a delinquent. In fact, he is shown to be quite intelligent. He aims to be Tsuna's right-hand man and is competetive with other guardians.
Takeshi Yamamoto
Yamamoto is a classmate of Tsuna's. He is very athletic and very popular among girls. He becomes Tsuna's friend thinking they are playing a pretend mafia game. His father runs a sushi restaurant but he is the heir of powerful swordsmanship.
Ryohei Sasagawa
Ryohei met Tsuna in boxing. Kyoko Sasagawa's elder brother and mainstay of Namimori Junior High Boxing Club. His motto is to live "To the extreme!", which he applies to everything he does. He's terrible at discussing complicated matters with a cool head but very optimistic and caring for friends.
Kyoya Hibari
Hibari is the leader of the Namimori Middle Disciplinary Committee, who likes school, hates mingling and being restrained. He is a fighting fanatic, taking delight in fighting against all the strong guys. He claims that he will not associate with family members but participates in battles with his own purposes.
Lambo is Vongola's Thunder Guardian. The five-year-old Lambo can use Ten-Year Bazooka to swap with his ten-year-later self. Although the 15-year-old Lambo is still a cry baby and a little timid, his combat power has increased drastically.
Mukuro Rokudo
Mukuro came to Japan to kill Vongola X, Tsuna. He broke out from the Mafia Prison, then conquered the Kokuyo Junior High as a base within just one week. His ambition is to eradicate Mafias and destroy the world with his special ability!
The strongest hitman who are the most trusted from 9th Generation Vongola Boss. In order to train Tsuna to be the 10th generation Vongola Boss, So He went to Japan. He is one of seven members of the strong Arcobaleno, and at the same time is responsible for Tsuna as a tutor. He is the person that Tsuna respects the most.